Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My father was already in the hospital when I received the call. I lived 1,500 miles away but I had to get back to him. Back to the city I grew up in. He was dying.

Shortly after I arrived, we realize how fortunate we were to have this time together. We told stories, shared memories and gave thanks for this opportunity.

Each evening I would leave his bedside and drive to his house where I would spend the night. And each time I made this trip, I would take a different route to visit my old neighborhoods and experience places that were once important to me.

One morning when I arrived at the hospital, I was told my father had been moved to a different room. After we greeted each other, I notice he had this terrific view out his window of Gesu Church down the street. I asked him if he was able to see the church and he told me he was and then proceeded to tell me this story.

When my father was a small boy, his father owned a roofing business and his dad had won the contract to re-roof Gesu Church. He would stand on the street below, holding his mother’s hand, while gazing up at his father high above swinging from steeple to steeple making his repairs.

What makes this story so remarkable is that my father only lived in this city a very short time while as a young boy. He grew up in a different state entirely. He only came back many years later and married my mother. And now, after all these years, he was once again in the exact same spot where he once stood with his mother gazing at this church.

My father passed away.

When I arrived back to my home, I picked up my guitar and this song was waiting for me. It’s about places we remember. It’s about PLACES OF DREAMS.

Listen to:

Track Number: 2
Album Title: OUT OF THE BLUE
Artist: Old Blue
Record Label: Namesake Music
UPC/EAN Code: 884502 466836
Released 01 June 2008
Composed and Produced by: RB Smith
Copyright (c) Namesake Music, BMI


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