Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In this post, I'm going to talk about two songs.  Even though they were written a couple of years apart, they both share many things in common.  For example, they both exemplify my writing style at the time, they both appear on my album TRUE BLUE, and most importantly, they both deal with the subjects of life and death - but not in the way that you may think.

The first song was written while I was a young Marine serving in Vietnam.  Even though death was all around me, this song was written about life.  You see, one of my best friends in the platoon had just learned that his wife was pregnant with their first child. 

Personally, I couldn't imagine being a father at our young age and how terrible it was that he had to be away from her at a time like this.  I wrote the song as I imagined how I would feel to be in his shoes (or boots as it may be).  And now, many decades later, JODY SWEET JODY still lives on in song.

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The next song I wrote while attending university just a year or so later.  I had befriended a girl who was perhaps the most beautiful person I had ever met.  We were very close but when it came time for our springs breaks, we took off in separate directions.  I went south to chase the sun while she went west to seek adventure.  When I returned, I was eager to share our stories and experiences with one another but I soon learned - that she would never return.  The bus that she had been traveling in had lost control while in the Rocky Mountains and went off the side of the road. 

I was devastated.  I thought I was done with death and destruction.  She was so young … so pure … why?  I wandered around campus aimlessly daze and confessed and in disbelief until I found myself sitting in front of a piano in the Student Union.  As my tears soaked the piano keys, I wrote LIVE TODAY.

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Track Number: 5

Song Title: LIVE TODAY
Track Number: 7

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Artist: Old Blue
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Released 01 June 2009
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