Friday, January 18, 2013


I was early for my appointment, so while I was waiting in his 93rd floor Manhattan office, I stared out at the magnificent view.  The sun was streaming down and I was lost in the beauty of the moment when suddenly I heard a voice behind me say, “Can I help you?”  As I turned around I was stunned.  There before me stood an angel.  As the light poured in and washed over her, her beauty literally took my breath away.  THAT WAS A MAGIC MOMENT.

Years later, I was waiting for a young lady for our lunch date.  As she poked her head around the corner to greet me, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of her.   I was blinded by her beauty and captured by her spell.  We were soon married.

With guitar in hand, when I reflect upon these magic moments, the song MYSTIFIED emerges.

Listen to:

Track Number: 5
Album Title: OUT OF THE BLUE
Artist: Old Blue
Record Label: Namesake Music
UPC/EAN Code: 884502 466836
Released 01 June 2008
Composed and Produced by: RB Smith
Copyright (c) Namesake Music, BMI

All rights reserved